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The Great Mosque of Ghardaia Palace

 he Great Mosque of Ghardaia Palace

The Great Mosque of Ghardaia Palace

It is viewed as the main structure worked with the establishment of Ghardaia Royal residence in 1048 Promotion, and it is situated at the most elevated point that disregards all the castle. Notwithstanding two petition lobbies, a few structures were worked around the mosque, particularly the "mahadarat" situated on the northern side, which are places assigned for showing the Blessed Qur'an, and for overseeing and regulating the checking and protection arrangement of the royal rresidence

 The mosque has two minarets, the first being the most seasoned and the littlest, as it doesn't surpass six meters in tallness, of which just the upper part stays, as its base was reconfigured to create up a hallway following the event of the mosque. Concerning the subsequent minaret, it was implicit the sixteenth century during the period of Sheik my uncle Saeed, and it is in a pyramid shape and around 23 meters high from the beginning. 

The Great Mosque of Ghardaia Palace

The different territories of the mosque are continually moving, even external supplication times. In contrast to different mosques on the planet, the mosque has an extraordinary component in the drain valley, as it is without any superfluous designs and enhancing components.